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safety & fun

Our North Shore Surf Lessons focus on safety, fun, and sharing the stoke of surfing. It’s okay if you’ve never tried surfing or are recently new to the sport, that’s why we offer a fun and exciting beginner lesson with guidance from your instructor the whole time. At our beginner level, we offer private, semi-private, and small group lessons. Sessions are around two hours long. Our main focus is safety and assuring that everyone enjoys themselves catching waves.

       My wife and two kids ages 11 and 9 did the morning SUP session with Steve and Jamie today. Fantastic experience with two great people. Our SUP experience varied among the 4 of us but these two improved everyones skills... read more

    Andy R. 7/29/2015

       We used this company twice while in Hawaii.  

    First, our girls (12 & 17) learned to surf.  I was very impressed with the instructors. We were in a group of three or four other families and there were two people... read more

    Melissa K. 7/22/2018

       The tour from the lagoon to the ocean was fun and breezy with just the right amount of exercise. Steve was an awesome guide-- I've paddleboarded a few times, but finally learned the proper techniques. Since there were 4 of... read more

    Stephanie L. 5/03/2016

Group lesson

  • Great Way to Meet Other Aspiring Surfers
  • Classes Up To 7 people
  • All Ages
  • 2 Hours of Surfing & Learning
  • Includes Everything You Need (Including Rash Guard)

Private Lesson

  • One On One Attention
  • Fastest Way To Start Ripping the Waves
  • All Ages
  • 2 Hours of Surfing & Learning
  • Includes Everything You Need (Including Rash Guard)

Semi-Private Lesson

  •  Groups up to 2 People
  • Great For Couples & Friends
  • All Ages
  • 2 Hours of Surfing & Learning
  • Includes Everything You Need (Including Rash Guard)

The Top Reasons to Learn to Surf in Oahu, Hawaii

Humans have always been drawn to the ocean. Whether it be to satisfy a sense of adventure or to forage a living from the ocean’s abundance. Humans have always had a long deep history with the ocean. We have also used the ocean for recreational purposes, such as surfing.

Surfing has a deep history with the Polynesian people and none more so than with the people of Hawaii. Surfing was not just recreation, it was a vital element to their culture. It was the activity of chiefs and kings, who could ride the wave like no other in the tribe.

There is no better place than Hawaii to learn how to surf. In the footsteps of the greats, you can learn to ride the wave and be in harmony with the ocean. Surfing is an amazing activity, good for body, mind, and soul. The beaches in Oahu is a true paradise that allows surfers from all skill levels to enjoy the bounty.

Oahu beaches

For no other reason than this – the beaches in Oahu, Hawaii are pure paradise. The swells offer everything from big wave adventure to gentle swells for beginners. It is in Oahu that you will find the world-famous Waikiki Beach. In Oahu, you can learn to surf in the summer and test your skills and bravado in winter when you find the big wave action on the North Shore. There are approximately 112 miles of coast to explore and practice your new found passion.

Friendly locals

Hawaiians are described as the friendliest people on earth. They will welcome visitors with open arms and big smiles. There is no better place to learn to surf with a friendly and patient local who will take you through all in the in’s and out’s of surfing. The surf instructors on the North Shore are predominantly locals and will be familiar with the tides and swells of the beaches. You can be sure that your instructor will ensure your safety at all times. The added bonus is that you will not only have learned a new skill, you will have gained a new friend.

Options for all

In Oahu will find a plethora of surf schools, all with qualified and professional instructors. The great thing about these surf schools is that they offer a variety of packages to choose from. Should you be a solo traveler wanting to try your luck on the waves, there are numerous schools you can choose from. Also, joining a group class gives you an opportunity to meet other solo travelers and make loads of new friends. There are also packages that include the whole family, some schools will offer lessons geared for every member of the family. That is a great way to spend a day at the beach as a family and everyone goes home with a new skill.

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