Hawaii Kayak Tours

We offer 2 Tour Options

Each Tour is 2hrs long and includes lunch. Your instructor will guide you and show you where all the best spots are and keep you safe while having the best time.

River and Ocean Adventure

For the beginner kayaker and snorkeler. We will start with a safety and land paddling instruction. Then We will start off in a calm river, and teach you how to handle your Kayak in the water before heading out to sea. We will paddle thru a beautiful river, then out to the ocean and paddle over some beautiful reefs into Pua’ena point and take the opportunity and teach you how to snorkel or perfect your snorkeling skills. Then head back to the Dock taking a leisure cruise over some more reefs and finish with your choice of lunch.

Open Ocean Adventure

For the experienced Kayakers and snorkelers, we will head straight out into the ocean onto a beautiful natural ocean preserve on the north shore. We will explore about 2 miles of ocean while snorkeling all along the way.